When Innovation meets Sustainability


Company name:  Dalat Hasfarm Ltd

Head office:  450 Nguyen Tu Luc, Dalat, Lam Dong, Vietnam

Brand Names : Bio-Pro

Date of establishment: 2014

Number of employees (2018): 43

Scope of business: Bio products and natural enemies


Hasfarm aims to use best practice in growing flowers. But being sustainable is a long battle and Innovation is a winning tool. Since 2014, Dalat Hasfarm has started developing its own predator insects and micro-organisms in its own professional laboratory in Vietnam. At Bio-Pro® we aim to reduce the presence of chemical residue on our different crops and sharply lower our own use of chemical pesticides. Doing so is safer for our customers, protects for our workers and benefits the environment.


Bio-Pro® specializes in beneficial pests and fungi. While Hasfarm remains a large customer for Bio-Pro, we are now supplying products to professional growers in Vietnam who are using the Pio-Pro products in flower and vergetable production.