Toba Hasfarm

PT Tamora Stekindo, is an international micro-propagation company based in Medan, Indonesia


Company name: PT Tamora Stekindo (Toba Hasfarm)

Head office: Jalan Batang Kuis 3,5 km, Gang Pantai Rantam nr 8, 20362 Tanjung Morawa, Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Brand Names: Toba Hasfarm

Date of establishment: 1995

Number of employees (2018): 200

Scope of business: Tissue culture laboratory, cut flower production 


Stekindo was founded in 1995 to produce high-quality_micro-cuttings of ornamental flowers, propagated by tissue culture.

Our customers are international breeders and professional growers in Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific.

Over the years, we have taken pride in providing reliable, clean, high-quality micro-propagation services to our customers at competitive prices. Customers trust us with their key varieties and safeguarding our customers’ intellectual property is at the core of our operating philosophy.

Our state-of-art laboratories and experienced team produce over 18 million micro-cuttings units annually. This figure is growing steadily as we continue to expand our facilities and services.

Stekindo merged with Hasfarm in 2017 and is now part of the group. In 2018, we started developing a new production centre near Lake Toba to grow cut flowers. Toba Hasfarm will provide the group with a new source of quality products for customers in Asia.