Dalat Hasfarm

Beautiful flowers and plants from Vietnam


Company name: Dalat Hasfarm Ltd

Head office: 450 Nguyen Tu Luc, Dalat, Lam Dong, Vietnam

Names: Dalat Hasfarm and Hasfarm Young Plants

Date of establishment: June 7, 1994

Number of employees (2018): 3,100

Scope of business: production, distribution of young plants, cut flowers and pot plants in both domestic and export markets.


Dalat Hasfarm grows flowers and plants in the tropical highlands around Dalat in Vietnam, delivering a wide and deep assortment to customers throughout Asia. We believe strongly in high-tech solutions for growing and in cool chain management for distribution, which has made us a leader in temperate flower production. Continuously looking for innovative and sustainable ways to grow our products, we create value from the young plant to the finished flower. Our goal is to put the best quality product into the hands of our customers.