Kunming Hasfarm

We believe that high-tech growing guarantees the highest quality possible


Company name: Kunming Hasfarm Flowers Ltd.

Head office: Hahou Village, Xiaojie Town, Songming County, Kunming, Yunnan, China

Brand Names: Kunming Hasfarm Flowers

Date of establishment:  September 30, 2007

Number of employees (2018): 386

Scope of business: Flower planting, production and processing, sales of flower, wholesale of flower products and trade in imports and exports


Kunming Hasfarm Flowers, previously known as Yunnan Taikoo Flowers, operates three farms in Yunnan Province, China, growing its flowers in state-of-the-art greenhouses and selling them under the name of Kunming Hasfarm. The company is a leading producer of carnations for export form China. In China, Kunming Hasfarm sells its flower through its own distribution network in Shanghai and Beijing.

Kunming Hasfarm sells young plants to professional growers in China through Kunming Hasfarm Young Plants, its joint venture with Hilverda Kooij, the world's leading breeder of carnation varieties.


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