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We aim to be your first choice for floricultural products in Asia-Pacific

Hasfarm is the largest tropical highlands grower of temperate flowers in Asia. We have production locations in Vietnam, China and Indonesia. Among the crops we produce are chrysanthemum, rose, carnation, alstroemeria, hydrangea, lisianthus, lily and tulip. Besides cut flowers we also produce pot plants. Hasfarm is vertically integrated with consumer-facing businesses retailing flowers in-store and online and with wholesaling businesses in Vietnam, China and Japan. We recently entered the food produce business, expanding our product offering from greenhouse horticulture to clean and safe vegetables.


Hasfarm started in 1992 with our first 25 hectare farm in Dalat, the horticultural centre of Vietnam. In 1994, the company joined with the Hasan family in Indonesia to create Dalat Hasfarm to grow flowers in Dalat for export to Japan. Dalat Hasfarm now sells throughout Asia and has developed a retail and wholesaling network in Vietnam. Dalat Hasfarm also grows cuttings and propagation materials in its Young Plants division for sale to growers throughout the world. Dalat Hasfarm is a leader in sustainable biological alternatives to chemical pesticides to control pests through Bio-Pro. In 2010, Hasfarm expanded into flower distribution in Japan through Greenwings Japan, a leading flower importer. In 2014, Hasfarm entered China with the acquisition of Kunming Hasfarm.


You will find information on our chief operating companies linked to this site. For corporate enquiries, please use the contact page.


Welcome to Hasfarm!

Charles Target

Chairman, Hasfarm Holdings