Greenwings New Zealand

Consistently providing the world with high quality, New Zealand grown, fresh cut flowers


Company name: Greenwings New Zealand Ltd

Head office: 30 Aintree Avenue, Airport Oaks, Auckland, New Zealand

Brand Names: Greenwings

Date of establishment: January 3, 2013

Number of employees (2018): 4

Scope of business: Export of fresh New Zealand flowers and foliage to customers all over the world.


Greenwings opened its New Zealand office in January 2013 with one aim: to directly source and provide premium quality New Zealand flowers and foliage for our global network of customers. We call it fresh connecting.

In March 2014 we purchased Flying Fresh International, a long-established exporter of fine New Zealand flowers, based in Aukland.

New Zealand proudly offers a diverse and unique range of products which are largely available opposite season to most Northern Hemisphere, American and Asian producers. Although New Zealand is a relatively small producer with both geographic and logistical challenges, these very factors contribute to distinguishing our diverse range of stunning products on the world stage.

We have established strong relationships with our customers and growers and we see our role as a provider of the best information available to both; ensuring that decisions are made rapidly and expectations are met. Connecting our partners’ interests - both growers and customers - forges strong and beneficial relationships sale after sale.